Dirt Bag® Beauty - Single Use Face Mask

Dirt Bag® Beauty - Single Use Face Mask

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Earth Angel Face Mask- Powder antioxidant anti-aging face mask designed to detoxify, reduce pores, lighten blemishes and soften. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, + AFA's. Visibly improves skin texture. Best for normal, oily and combo skin types. organic, vegan, cruelty-free.


Morning Sunshine Face Mask- Powder anti-aging mask to cleanse, soften, smooth, hydrate, brighten and firm normal, sensitive, dry, mature skin, cruelty-free


Berry Bomb Organic Face Mask- Fruit derived natural acids antioxidant powder face mask. Nourishes + rejuvenates. and hydrates. Effectively helps with sun damage, discolorations, spots, & blemishes. For all skin types. Organic, Cruelty- free. 


Pretty in Pink Face Mask- Powder anti-aging mask to detoxify, brighten, firm, and nourish normal, oily and combination skin, organic, vegan, cruelty-free


Love You Matcha Face Mask- Energize and gently exfoliate for a fresh, instant glow + flawless complexion. Smoothing + resurfacing face mask made with natural sources of AHA + BHA. Will help to reduce redness + puffiness, clear clogged pores and help skin to retain moisture. Organic, Cruelty