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Kids Lucky Charm Bomb
Kids Lucky Charm Bomb

Kids Lucky Charm Bomb

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 Living Locket inside a Fizzie Bomb. All are placed inside an organza bag so you can simply dunk the bag with the bomb into water and when done fizzing you pull the bag out, open, and enjoy.

Every bomb comes with a Living Locket on the inside and charms on the outside.
  1. Keep your bomb inside the Organza bag it came in. DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE BAG
  2. Simply dunk or drop the bag into water
  3. Once the bomb is fully fizzed lift the bag from the water
  4. Open the bag to reveal your charms and lockets
  5. Enjoy
Every bomb comes with the below
  • Charms & Genuine Gemstones to fill your locket
  • May include 1 Living Locket Plate or 1 clip-on dangle charm
  • Pendant Lockets come with a chain
  • As Always added surprises of extra Gemstones, Charms, Dangles Plates, and special scrolls with a chance to win diamond jewelry